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April 14



A Fairly Unbalanced View,

but we think you'll like it


Stay tuned, UP, that is, that's a Joke, I say, that's a JOKE, son. Pay attention boy, he's flakier than Mama's piecrust..oh...

   Hello, PROG fans, MBB here. Our upcoming show on Monday November 4th at the High Noon Saloon will feature nothing in particular, and thus, everything in general. Smatterings of all our best herbicide-proof songs, and all under 10 minutes in length each, Guaranteed!

  N-not that you need it, eh ____ ?

  So, YES, there is a Packer football game on that same night, and, no, that was not the GENESIS of this idea, to compete directly with it. Un-TULL we can get a weekend slot at the HNS, this little RUSH job will have to do. MBB /PROG


Next Show is at




Sat Mar 29

   Updated March 24 , 2014