HNS Mon

May 12



A Fairly Unbalanced View,

but we think you'll like it


Steve has built us a new practice facility, in the basement of his new home on a wooded lot. The place is regal and grand, as basements go, and befits our semi-royal status as the World's only 4-layered PROG cover band thingie. So, we will be moving there from Joe's perfectly adequate but oh-so-plain basement after this show coming up. We have been playing all of CTTE for about a year. We have recently learned the remaining pieces from SEBTP that were not already part of our list. These two recordings are the entirety of our upcoming show at the HNS. We have not attempted TWO complete albums in one show yet, so, here goes...!    MBB/PROG


Next Show is at

High Noon Saloon

Mon May 12

8:30 $5

   Updated May 5,, 2014