High Noon Saloon

701 E. Wash

Madison, WI.



A Fairly Unbalanced View,

but we think you'll like it


Steve has built us a new practice facility, in the basement of his new home on a wooded lot. The place is regal and grand, as basements go, and befits our semi-royal status as the World's only 4-layered PROG cover-band thingie. Our Genesis show is shaping up to be a good whack at it, so pop in down and spot the loonies, in the audience, of course, since the performers themselves are presumed guilty upon immediate inspection. Lamb Lies Down, Carpet Crawlers, Hogweed, Firth, Epping Forest, Watcher of the Skies, Get'em Out by Friday, I Know What I Like,The Knife, Dance on a Volcano, shipping & handling included in the cover charge price, AND a free gift..............

HAH don't fall for that nonsense, there ARE no free gifts, anywhere...                               



Next Show is at

High Noon Saloon

Mon Aug 17

$6 8:30 pm

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