High Noon Saloon

701 E. Wash

Madison, WI.



A Fairly Unbalanced View,

but we think you'll like it


Direct from Steve's Sub-Terrainean Rehearsal Club and
Soda Fountain Emporium, we bring you the next PROG show, complete with newly attached bassist Olig. He comes with the usual warranty, of quality assurance and
satisfaction guaranteed, musically speaking.
Come on DOWN, as Jay used to say on the old Price Is Right Show, to the HNS, Mar 27 OR to the Brink, Tues Feb 7, our usual Monday slot, and a new place, on a new day. and a new bassist.
No drinks on the house, as we want them to be poured down your thirsty throats, not on their floor...                            



Next Show is at

High Noon Saloon

Tues,Feb 7, 2017

$5     8:30 pm


HNS Mon Mar 27

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